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6 Easy Steps on How To Practice Ricochet

I know that many violinists, as well as other string players, would say that ricochet is probably one of the most challenging bowing techniques on the violin. Learning to control fast, bouncing notes can be difficult especially if you are…

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7 Things To Do When Practicing Scales


Why do we practice scales?  

Scales are the backbone of all repertoire - look carefully and you’ll see that fragments of scales are in everything you play!  

Scales also train your technique on the instrument (position changes and intonation, for…

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Nathan Cole's Fast Rows of Summer

Nathan Cole's Violympic Trials are off to a great start!

Yesterday (May 24th, 2021) was Day 1 of the Violympic Trials and Nathan released his brand new piece of 2021The Fast Rows of Summer to the world yesterday.


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