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Kréddle Chin Rest Unboxing & Review🎻

Kréddle Chin Rest Unboxing and Review


One of the most popular questions I see online is:

What shoulder rest should I be using as a violinist?


The surprising answer:

The shoulder rest is secondary to the chin rest.


Before you…

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😵 I cut my pinky tip before a Nutcracker show 🔪

    TL;DR: Get your Tchaikovsky Nutcracker Overture Violin Tutorial Below and   PSA: Keep your knives sharp...  [Gore alert: this blog post may contain details that are disturbing!] 



There’s a juicer that is collecting dust in a corner of my kitchen.  


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Bach by the Ocean 🌅[Photos inside!]


It’s sunset on a warm but breezy July evening. 

On the edge of the Atlantic Ocean at the Eastern edge of the North American continent, I have with me a violin, a phone, and a tripod. 


Whales breaching the surface…

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#Paganini5Challenge - Day 2 (June 3, 2021)

How To Practice Paganini Caprice #5  with Dr. Lynn Kuo


#Paganini5Challenge - Day 2

Watch Day 2 here! 
June 3, 2021 

5:00-5:30pm EDT


Day 2 - Arpeggios, Scales, and Shifts

How do you practice arpeggios?

How do you practice scales?

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Nathan Cole's Fast Rows of Summer

Nathan Cole's Violympic Trials are off to a great start!

Yesterday (May 24th, 2021) was Day 1 of the Violympic Trials and Nathan released his brand new piece of 2021The Fast Rows of Summer to the world yesterday.


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Happy Birthday, Bach!

Today is March 31, Johann Sebastian Bach's 336th birthday.

Wow, what a musical legacy!

In honour of his great music, I'm sharing a practice video I made of me playing my favourite movement from his Sonatas and Partitas for solo…

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Christmas in Quarantine...

The National Ballet of Canada 2020-21 season is cancelled. 

This pandemic is taking a large toll on us musicians worldwide and as we enter into the second wave (at least here in Toronto, we are in the Red Zone)…

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I got mouthy with a US Border guard 😬

Okay, so I don't always make the best decisions.  

It's coming up on 360 days without taking a vacation (yup, I missed Christmas last year) and I think it's high time I took a break.  

As the summer is quickly…

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