Violin Bootcamp 2.0

Lynn Kuo, Violin Bootcamp, Founder of Violin with Dr. Lynn, Assistant Concertmaster of National Ballet of Canada Orchestra, Classical Canadian violinist

Master the violin. 


Unlock deeper artistry. 


Become a more fearless performer.


Learn the secrets to preventing injury. 


All in 12 weeks.



Violin Bootcamp 2.0 

January 18 - April 11, 2021 


12-week Online Violin Bootcamp 


You may be currently studying now


struggling without a teacher.


Or maybe you have 

multiple degrees on the violin already,


or are a working professional or teacher.


However, it is likely that you are still

struggling with repertoire

that seems out of reach,

and are

experiencing frustrations


slow progress on the instrument


If this sounds like you, then

Violin Bootcamp 2.0

is the right program for you. 

12 weeks inside of 

Violin Bootcamp 2.0 

will help you:


  • develop greater technical ease on the violin

  • find greater expression in your musical voice  

  • increase the efficiency of your practice

  • build increased confidence under pressure  

Not only will you


as a violinist and musician 

through working closely with me in

Violin Bootcamp 2.0

but you will also

get access to world-class artists

who will share with you their performance secrets.  

Praise for Violin Bootcamp with Dr. Lynn:


Nathan Cole, First Associate Concertmaster, Los Angeles Philharmonic 

"Someone who participated in my very first Virtuoso Master Course, Lynn Kuo, right now [is] really killing it: she ran her own Violin Bootcamp this summer and is quickly expanding that to reach even more people.  

I learn new things now whenever I watch her Instagram posts and videos...  She’s been very nice to mention me when she feels I inspired her in some tips and tricks, some way of looking at something. But she’s really made it her own and I now in turn can learn from what she’s posting and I can refer people to what she’s doing. And I certainly have referred people to her program, which is only expanding.  

She’s made very quick work of learning from my example and then taking it to her own place. Congratulations on everything you’re doing now, really taking your teaching to a new place and enjoying that success.”

The Violin Bootcamp 2.0 cornerstones:  

Violin Bootcamp 2.0 will be your opportunity to perform in masterclasses with world-class artists:

You also get special workshops:

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