#Paganini5Challenge - Day 4 (June 5, 2021)

How To Practice Paganini Caprice #5

with Dr. Lynn Kuo 

#Paganini5Challenge - Day 4

Watch Day 4 here! 
June 5, 2021 

5:00-5:30pm EDT


Day 4: Left Hand Secrets

I will discuss:

✔️ Tips for violinists and violists with small hands

✔️ Building efficiency, accuracy

✔️ Fourth finger vibrato in high registers

Grab my 11-page #Paganini5Challenge Practice Guide and Journal and watch below to find out: 

Day 1: Developing Bulletproof Intonation  

Day 2: Arpeggios, Scales, and Shifts 

Day 3: Building Up Speed, Accuracy, and Confidence

Day 5: Demystifying Sautillé and Ricochet   

Day 7: Ninja Party and Violin Masterclass


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