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Kréddle Chin Rest Unboxing & Review🎻

Kréddle Chin Rest Unboxing and Review


One of the most popular questions I see online is:

What shoulder rest should I be using as a violinist?


The surprising answer:

The shoulder rest is secondary to the chin rest.


Before you…

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😵 I cut my pinky tip before a Nutcracker show 🔪

    TL;DR: Get your Tchaikovsky Nutcracker Overture Violin Tutorial Below and   PSA: Keep your knives sharp...  [Gore alert: this blog post may contain details that are disturbing!] 



There’s a juicer that is collecting dust in a corner of my kitchen.  


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7 Things To Do When Practicing Scales


Why do we practice scales?  

Scales are the backbone of all repertoire - look carefully and you’ll see that fragments of scales are in everything you play!  

Scales also train your technique on the instrument (position changes and intonation, for…

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The #1 Thing to Do To Save Time in the Practice Room

  What is the best shortcut for saving time in the practice room? 


Mindless practicing or practicing without a plan will waste your precious time, and worse, cause you to move backwards, rather than forwards, in your playing. 

In order to…

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Bach by the Ocean 🌅[Photos inside!]


It’s sunset on a warm but breezy July evening. 

On the edge of the Atlantic Ocean at the Eastern edge of the North American continent, I have with me a violin, a phone, and a tripod. 


Whales breaching the surface…

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Working with Nathan Cole

My Summer Violin Bootcampers are one lucky bunch!

They got to play for Nathan Cole!

Violinists all over the world have seen Nathan Cole's work online. And as First Associate Concertmaster of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, not only is Nathan…

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