How To Practice Paganini Caprice #5 Free 5-Day Challenge with Dr. Lynn Kuo



Are you scared to learn a Paganini Caprice?


Do you think Paganini Caprices are "too hard" for you?

What if you had a chance to learn just

5 notes, 5 measures, or 5 lines of Paganini #5...

in 5 days... matter what level you are? 

Stay tuned for the release of the Paganini 5 Challenge COURSE!

In the meantime, download my #Paganini5Challenge Practice Guide below!


Whether you’re a novice


you’ve already tackled a bunch of Paganini Caprices,

inside the Paganini 5 Challenge Course,

you will  learn: 

  • how to increase speed, accuracy, and confidence (through my Trust the Outline Technique) 

  • how to practice scales  

  • how to practice arpeggios (I’ll share at least four different tricks how to get them faster and easier) 

  • how to handle shifts 

  • how to learn ricochet (based on my approach to teaching spiccato) 

  • how to improve intonation through my AHA Strategy 

  • how to develop a more accurate left hand 

  • how to handle difficult passages when you have small hands

By the end of the Paganini 5 Challenge Course,

you will have a whole bunch of Ninja tricks

that you can apply to any repertoire!



The Paganini 5 Challenge  Practice Guide & Journal also  gets you: 

 - my personally-marked practice part 

- my fingerings 

- my (secret) bowings 

You don't have to be a top virtuoso to learn Paganini Caprice #5.

I have always been intimidated by this Caprice myself. (By all the Paganini Caprices actually!)

But I managed to learn it! (Check out my pandemic progression in the video!)

I'll show you how you can learn it step-by-step!
ven if it's just five notes, five measures, or five lines!


Lynn Kuo, violinist. Assistant Concertmaster of National Ballet of Canada, Founder of Violin with Dr. Lynn.


I'm Lynn Kuo, Assistant Concertmaster of the National Ballet of Canada and founder of Violin with Dr. Lynn

I've performed all over the world as an orchestral and chamber, musician, recitalist, and soloist. 

Just before the pandemic, I was teaching as Visiting Assistant Professor of Violin at Memorial University of Newfoundland before I transitioned into becoming an online educator to motivated violinists around the world. 

Nothing makes me happier than to work with motivated violinists who want to master their instrument and become more fearless performers.