Lynn Kuo on The Violin Podcast

The Violin Podcast with Eric Mrugala

 Ep. 17 Lynn Kuo

  • How Lynn took an audition 'for experience' ...and won the job 
  • Lynn celebrates 20 years at the National Ballet of Canada Orchestra
  • Lynn explains how studying karate…
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Lynn Kuo on Crushing Classical Podcast

Crushing Classical podcast with Tracy Friedlander 

Season 5: Hot Seat #3: Lynn Kuo, The Violin Ninja 

Lynn talks about her online business Violin with Dr. Lynn and Violin Bootcamps with host/business coach Tracy Friedlander. 

  • Strategizing social media for business building 
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Lynn Kuo on The Conditioned Musician Podcast

The Conditioned Musician Podcast with David Cartolano 
Episode 73: The Energizer Bunny - Dr. Lynn Kuo 

  • Getting through tension and what Lynn does to manage it
  • Lynn's tips on efficient string playing
  • Lynn's tips on eliminating excess tension in the…
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Lynn Kuo on The Scholarship Roadmap Podcast

The Scholarship Roadmap Podcast with Trevor Jones 

Season 1, Episode 12: 

Performance Preparation: 

  • How to choose repertoire for your audition
  • The first step Lynn takes when she is preparing a new composition
  • Reverse engineering your audition preparation
  • The non-traditional settings…
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Lynn Kuo on The Practice Parlour 

The Practice Parlour with Gina Morgano 

Episode 4 with Lynn Kuo 

  • Lynn's advice on how to overcome fear, self-doubt, and Imposter Syndrome when creating a business
  • Lynn's signature Practice Ninja framework for deliberate/efficient practice    
  • Lynn on how to find musical…
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