Christmas in Quarantine...

The National Ballet of Canada 2020-21 season is cancelled. 

This pandemic is taking a large toll on us musicians worldwide and as we enter into the second wave (at least here in Toronto, we are in the Red Zone), I urge us all to stop and do a self-inventory of habits or choices that we may be making that might be contributing to the spread of this virus. 

Are you masking appropriately? (Are you touching the outside of your mask? I was guilty of this and have stopped!) 

Are you inappropriately socializing indoors with friends? (I sneaked in a visit or two with friends recently but will also now stop.) 

Despite a vaccine on the horizon, we may not have the entire population vaccinated and protected against infection until a year from now! 

This means that we are all potential victims and silent CARRIERS of COVID-19.  My sister has a depressed immune system and my parents too are vulnerable to contract the illness. I’m sure we all know people who would suffer greatly and die from this highly contagious virus. 

I am appalled to hear that some businesses (and people I know) are still partaking in activities that are contributing to community exposure (partner dance classes with only visors being worn?? Dipping your utensils into communal food dishes? - I wouldn’t even do that even if there was no pandemic.) 

My point is: there are countless numbers of us who have LOST INCOME, who are no longer employed, struggling to pay rent, put food on the table, feed families, pay bills, and keep loved ones healthy and alive…. 

Please, let’s think of ourselves as a WHOLE and accept shorter-term pain for a long-term gain. 

Mask Up, Stay at Home, and Keep Distance. 

I want the world to get back to normal *as soon as possible*.  

In the meantime, I have made the decision to leave my Toronto home (again) and re-locate back to Newfoundland in December. At least until my work conditions return back to what they used to be… which likely means the end of 2021. 

Countless other people are in the same situation. 

I never expected to have to pack up my belongings AGAIN just 3 months after I got back home to Toronto. But there it is. 

Since I will be Christmas-ing in Quarantine this holiday season and will only get out just in time for New Year’s Eve, I will welcome all suggestions for quarantine activities! 

I’m never one to NOT stay busy, but I’d love to hear all about your  

  • favourite at-home workouts 
  • absolute must-reads 
  • top Netflix pleasures 

Here’s to staying safe, making healthy choices for the greater good, and for making the best of your situation - no matter where you are.

P.S. I think I might start a 14-day blog series called 'Christmas in Quarantine'... or 'The *14* Days of Christmas'....whaddayathink?


  • Neal.Be4.Zod
    Neal.Be4.Zod United States
    Yes for the blog series. “On the first day of quarantine, my true love gave to me....”

    Yes for the blog series.

    “On the first day of quarantine, my true love gave to me....”

  • Lynn Kuo
    Lynn Kuo
    I’m liking this, Neal. 😃 You’re giving me ideas! 👌

    I’m liking this, Neal. 😃 You’re giving me ideas! 👌

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